Dri Lite Hybrid 2


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Aqua Control glove included in your purchase


The new, water-repellent Dri Lite Hybrid 2 Standbag is the ultimate all-round solution for the golfer. Despite the full length 14-way divider, the bag is ultra-light and offers enough storage space. The new hybrid bottom allows stable use on the BIG MAX trolley. The bag can therefore be used as a cartbag and as a standbag. This is made possible by a reinforced trolley support and the Leg Lock mechanism for the legs.

As a stand bag, the Hybrid 2 is also a real pleasure – thanks to its particularly light weight, the Air Channel Strap and the ergonomically well-placed compartments for valuables and drinks.

BIG MAX Dri Lite bags are water resistant, with waterproof zips. They are suitable for all weather conditions and are particularly easy to clean and wash. The new pipeless design also improves water drainage for better protection.

14-way Organiser Top

The 14-way organiser top allows you to organise your clubs by length and take advantage of an extra putter compartment. This guarantees an overview while golfing.

Trolley compatible hybrid stand

The Dri Lite Hybrid can be used as a stand bag as well as a cart bag. It has a trolley-compatible base and a trolley-compatible, reinforced support.

Integrated cooler pocket

Thanks to the integrated cooler bag, you can keep your drinks and food cool and the bag dry. Because it’s always important to have enough fresh and cool drinks to hand.

BIG MAX Accessories

BIG MAX Bags have many features to make organisation easy. These include hooks for your towels, a glove holder, an umbrella holder and many other useful features.

waterproof valuable pocket

All Dri Lite bags are made of water-repellent material that prevents moisture from getting inside. In addition, there is a 100% waterproof valuables compartment to guarantee the protection of your valuables. So playing in wet weather is no longer a problem.



Dri Lite Hybrid 2


14-way Divider

Top Size

9 inches

Anzahl Taschen


Water resistant


Trolley compatible legless bottom


Trolley compatible hybrid stand


Reinforced bag connection area


Cooler Pocket


Umbrella holder


Glove holder


Towel holder


                                                                          Pocket with waterproof zip                                                                      Yes

                                                                          Weight (in kg)                                                                                             2.2