Dri Lite Tour


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Combining the space and functionality of a tour bag with lightweight BIG MAX technology, the new Dri Lite Tour is the ultimate cart bag for the top equipped golfer. A 14-way oversize top with full-length dividers, 9 spacious pockets and a host of practical features complete these features.

BIG MAX Dri Lite technology combines water repellent fabric with 100% waterproof zips. Most brands would call this “waterproof”. Thanks to our AQUA line, which is truly 100% waterproof, the term “water repellent” is good enough for us here. We are also so confident that “Dri Lite” will keep a golfer’s gear completely dry on all days except perhaps massively wet days.

14-way Organiser Top

The 14-way organiser top allows you to organise your clubs by length and take advantage of an extra putter compartment. This prevents the clubs from hitting each other and creating an unpleasant accompanying noise while golfing.

Integrated cooler pocket

Thanks to the integrated cooler bag, you can keep your drinks and food cool and the bag dry. Because it is always important to have enough fresh and cool drinks at hand.


waterproof valuable pocket

The BIG MAX Dri Lite technology combines water-repellent material with 100% waterproof zips. This means your valuables are protected against moisture.

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Dri Lite Tour


14-way Divider

Top Size

10 inches

Water resistant


Cooler Pocket


Umbrella holder


Glove holder


Towel holder


Pocket with waterproof zip


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