Terra X


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The Terra X offers style and comfort with its classic design and innovative features.

A 14-way Organizer top with full length dividers will keep a golfer’s clubs in order while the 10 pockets, including oversize cooler pocket, keep everything stored safely in place.

14-way Organiser Top

The 14-way organiser top allows you to organise your clubs by length and take advantage of an extra putter compartment. This prevents the clubs from hitting each other and creating an unpleasant accompanying noise while golfing.

Integrated rain cover

The Terra X has an integrated rain cover that is supplied with the bag. It is stowed in the front, lower pocket and can be pulled over the entire bag in just 2 easy steps. This way, all your belongings are protected from the rain in no time.

Integrated cooler pocket

Thanks to the integrated cooler bag, you can keep drinks and food cool and the bag dry. Because it’s always important to have enough fresh and cool drinks at hand.

BIG MAX Accessories

Discover a variety of accessories available at BIG MAX. For example, many colourful umbrellas that can protect you from the sun, but also from the rain. Or the practical valueables bags, in which you can store your valuables and have them ready when you want to go to the clubhouse afterwards.


Terra X


14-way Divider

Battery pocket


Cooler Pocket

Yes, XL cooler pocket

Dual Umbrella holder


Glove holder


Towel holder


Integrated rain cover


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