Dri Lite Seven


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Aqua Control glove included in your purchase


The Dri Lite 7 is a compact stand bag that offers a little extra with its larger top for more comfort and space.

The bag holds 4 more clubs than traditional compact bags, which means you can travel and play without compromising. With 4 water resistant pockets, ultra-lightweight design and packed with neat practical features, the Dri Lite 7 is a stylish addition to any golfer’s gear.

4-way divider

The 4-way full length divider provides additional storage space. In fact, up to 4 clubs more space than in a comparable sized bag.

Integrated cooler pocket

Thanks to the integrated cooler pocket, you can keep your drinks and food cold, and the bag dry. Always have a cool drink to hand during a sunny round of golf.

BIG MAX accessory compatibility

BIG MAX bags have many features to simplify the organisation of your equipment. These include hooks for your towels, a glove holder, an umbrella mount, and many more useful additions.

Practical valuables pocket

BIG MAX Dri Lite technology combines 100% waterproof material with waterproof zippers. Most brands would call this ‘waterproof,’ but with the 100% protection offered by our Aqua line, we’re happy with Water resistant, knowing that Dri Lite will keep a golfer’s gear completely dry on all but the very wettest days.


Dri Lite Seven

Water resistant



4-way Divider

Dry Pocket


Cooler Pocket


Glove holder


Towel holder


Dual Umbrella holder


Weight (in kg)1.7